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Master Electron: Desktop Apps using HTML, JavaScript & CSS

Go from Web Developer to Desktop Applications Developer by learning to use the entire Electron API from scratch. This course is suitable for BO...


Electron for Desktop Apps: The Complete Developer's Guide

Take your web dev skills out of the browser!  This course will teach you the topics you need to make a #1 best-selling desktop app. ------------...


Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB

Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB Are you a mobile app developer that needs a backend API & database? Do you have an mob...


React Front To Back

In this course you will learn to master React 16.3+ concepts including the new Context API as well as Redux. We will target certain concepts while pro...


PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel

We will keep updating the project as new versions come out! Over 8000 students in this course and over 150,000 students here at Udemy. Best Ra...


Build a Python REST API with the Django Rest Framework

How does Apple Maps have Yelp listings? How does Tinder get Facebook user profiles? How does Amazon Alexa know the latest news? These questi...